Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life Lately...

With 7 weeks to go, sleeping is getting a bit uncomfortable. I can't seem to get comfortable as the belly is gets bigger! My clothes are becoming tighter also. I hate to get dressed or even look through my closet where my cute "skinny" clothes still hang. My wardrobe is definitely limited at this point. My feet, ankles, and fingers are starting to swell at times. I think at this point we have prepared pretty well. We have our carrier and stroller, blankets, diapers, clothes, diaper bags, etc. I have 3 more showers and hope they get here before the baby does. SO many people have told me that their babies have been 7-2 weeks early. This freaks me out!! We have talked about starting our hospital bag but havent at this point. Some say its too early but others keep asking me if I am packed so I guess I better start putting some stuff together. We had the nursery painted on Thursday night and we love it!

Our 4-D Ultrasound was a success. We got to see our beautiful baby girl and we got so many great photos and video.

We also received our bedding a couple weeks ago and I should get the monogrammed pillow this week with the babies name on it....FINLEY KATE!

31 weeks...

Our maturnity pictures are coming up on October 9th and I cannot wait! It will be fun to document this time in our lives. I have been so blessed with such an easy pregnancy. I was never sick in the beginning and my biggest complaint now is minor backpain, sore ribs, some mild cramps at times, and absolutely no way to get comfortable at night. I am extremely tired at the end of each school day. Other than that...I am good! 7 more how the time has FLOWN!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

19 Weeks

Movin' All Around!

I am definitely feeling the baby move every single day. I feel her more when I am still or lying down. Austin was able to feel her move while we were on our last beach vacation. I had just had a frappachino and I was laying down to rest. She was moving all around so I called for Austin to come and see if he could feel it. He layed his head on my belly and I kind of told him what to expect. When I felt her, I didnt tell him just to see if he could feel her without me telling him. He looked at me and said "Was that it!?" I was like YES! I go back to the doctor next Wednesday for a check up. I am feeling pretty good. I really cant complain. I can feel when my body tells me that I have done too much and I need to lay down for alittle while.

We have had so many people ask us about the babies name or if the nursery is started. We do not have a name and we need some help moving guest furniture out of the baby's room before we can even start. We are working on both so bare with us! Believe me...we are ready to choose a name and stick with it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Its a GIRL!

We went to the doctor Thursday June 10th to hear the results...boy or girl? We were going to start our day with an early breakfast at Cracker Barrel, but after getting a call from the doctors office the day before confirming my 8:00 appointment (it was actually 8:30), we decided to head on down to Birmingham and eat somewhere closer. We were running a bit late so we stopped at McDonalds (ha!), filled up on food and CAFFEINE, and headed to the doctor. After arriving at 8:00 and waiting until 8:30, we were called back. The nurse went through all the parts of the babys body saying PERFECT after every inspection. She moves from head to toe checking the baby. As we get closer to the legs, I can tell we are both getting anxious. We see the "area" on the screen and the nurse mentions that she sees 3 white lines. OK?? That meant nothing to us! As she types in GIRLLLLL, we say are you sure its a girl? We need you to be sure! She said Yes! And added there would be more between the legs if it were a boy. She said she was "showin' it off this morning"! Haha! We were excited! Right when we left we began texting and calling people like CRAZY! It was a fun day! Now since we dont have a name yet, we can atleast call her SHE instead of IT! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Journey

I am into week 16. I have noticed a small change in my body and I thought I would post some pictures. I am out of school for summer break and I have so much on my Baby To Do List. I have to clean out closets and get rid of clothes that we dont wear. This week our goal is to get the baby room cleaned out as well as the closet and be ready to decorate when we find out the sex next Thursday. Also DEEP cleaning this house is on my list. It needs it! I have been so tired these past few weeks when I get home from work that I have let our house go. I have also started my summer classes (the last 3 of my masters degree) and I know I will be busy busy with that and making sure things are in line for graduation. What a year 2010 has already been! I cant wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for us.

7 weeks
10 weeks
14 weeks

16 weeks

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

June 10th- Big Day!

After going to the doctor for my 12 week appointment on Thursday, they told me to come back at 17 weeks and we will find out what we're having! We will be heading back to the doctor June 10th to find out if it is a boy or girl! Hopefully we will be successful at this appointment (no legs crossed!). I will let everyone know immediately what we find out. I think this will be the most exciting day for us. You have your ideas and predictions of what you think it may be but only God knows at this point. I definitely WILL NOT be able to sleep on the 9th! Pray for a successful appointment.